Facilities Hire

Our church building, with a variety of rooms – including a counselling room – and our Community Centre, are available for rent by groups and individuals at community rates.  You are welcome to book one of our spaces. Below are the pricing details. Please contact our Office Administrator to enquire.

  1. Booking fee $50.00, non-recoverable, to be paid upon arrangement of booking.
  2. Single-use bond of $250.00 recoverable after satisfactory inspection upon hire completion.
  3. Storage space is very limited (regular users only) and is at owner’s risk. An extra charge will apply.
  4. $50.00 (incl GST), security opening and/or closing fee.
  5. A discounted discretionary rate may be considered by the owner upon application (regular users only)



If you wish to make a regular booking, you are welcome to do so. In those cases the ‘Regular Use Rate’ will apply. If you are needing a ‘one off’ booking, the ‘Single Use’ rate will apply.


St Columba Facility Regular use Single use
Hall (only)$35.00 hour + GST$40.00 hour + GST
Hall & Kitchen$40.00 hour + GST$45.00 hour + GST
Church Sanctuary (for groups of 30 or fewer)$35.00 hour + GST$45.00 hour + GST
Church Hall ( seating for up to 130 people)$35.00 hour + GST$45.00 hour + GST
Calder Room
Seats up to 5 people in a comfortable private lounge type setting.
$25.00 hour + GST$30.00 hour + GST
Counselling Room
Seats up to 5 people in a comfortable private lounge type setting.”
$25.00 hour + GST$30.00 hour + GST
Vestry Kitchen
Small kitchen space with table and chairs for 2 people
(rate may be negotiated)
$20.00 hour (GST inclusive)$25.00 hour (GST inclusive)