We have a beautiful labyrinth on our grounds that was created many years ago. It was refurbished in 2023, and members of our wider community are encouraged to enjoy this unique resource. It is open to the public during daylight hours, for meditation, contemplation, prayer or simply walking.
We ask that the privacy of the vicarage family be respected, please.

What is a labyrinth?
A labyrinth is a sacred pathway, walked as a pilgrimage. It is found in religious traditions in various forms around the world. There is only one path so there are no dead ends – it is not a maze.

Why create a Labyrinth?
As buildings and the pace of our lives encroach upon our outward and inward space, it becomes increasingly important to find ways to restore a sense of space and peace. The concept of the Labyrinth has been remembered and addresses these problems in a simple and beautiful way. Labyrinths are extremely economical in terms of space, which means that pockets of disused urban land can be transformed into needed spots of beauty.

A short history of the Labyrinth
In Medieval times, the pattern of a labyrinth was marked out in a sacred space such as a Cathedral. Pilgrims who were unable to make an actual pilgrimage, would make a pilgrimage of the heart, their feet pacing the intricate pattern into the centre of the labyrinth, then retracing their steps back. In a similar way, hundreds of years later, labyrinths are being created in quiet places so that we, who are unable to make long retreats from our busy lives may find refreshment in these small havens of peace.