We are here to assist and support you during your time of bereavement. We hope the following information will be helpful.

Who will conduct the service
We have two priests who conduct funerals. If you would like the funeral to be conducted by another priest or a funeral celebrant, he or she will need to be approved by the vicar of St Columba.

Who plans the service
The officiating clergy will plan the service with the family members or friends of the deceased. Other clergy may assist.

The costs of a funeral at St Columba
If the funeral is being taken by a St Columba priest, the cost is $500. This covers the celebrant’s fee ($350) and hire of the church ($150).

Additional optional costs are:
$100   for using the pipe organ
A fee for the services of the St Columba organist (alternatively, you may wish to invite your own musicians)
$150  for the St Columba hall for refreshments after the funeral.

What do we do next?
For more information, or to make an appointment with a priest, please contact our office, ph. 09-376 9119 or email: (Office Administrator)